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The value of knowledge

19/12/2011  -  

Knowledge is everywhere. Advantage: there is much knowledge. Disadvantage: what is true and who knows what? Knowledge is not useful if it is locked up in small rooms, literally or figuratively. Knowledge is only useful when retraceable, unlocked and reliable. …

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Construction Team + wins Social Innovation Award 2011

02/12/2011  -  

During the Social Innovation Event on 30 November, Construction Team + won the Social Innovation Award 2011. The prize was presented by prof. dr. P. Eijlander, rector of Tilburg University. Tilburg University organised the event in cooperation with Midpoint Brabant, …

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Experiment with constructed wet-roof for water purification

01/12/2011  -  

On the new office building of Van Helvoirt Groenprojecten [landscaping company], an innovative constructed wetland for water purification has been planned on a sloping part of the roof. By combining the green roof and constructed wetland in this way, space …

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