Achmea Innovatie becomes knowledge partner of Vitura - 10/08/2011

Achmea Innovatie wordt kennispartner van Vitura

“I think Vitura is an interesting concept and I believe in the power of nature to cure people and keep them healthy”, says Sjaak van Heukelum, innovation manager at Achmea [a large Dutch insurance company]. “Besides, there is a need for more entrepreneurship and innovation in the care sector. That is why we gladly support this initiative with our knowledge, our expertise and our network.”

Achmea is the Netherlands’ largest insurance group. With over 17,000 employees it offers companies, institutions and private individuals a wide range of insurances, amongst others, such as health care, indemnity, pension and life insurances. Achmea is market leader in health insurances.

During the various talks that I had with Sjaak van Heukelum, we soon felt it click. He is also looking for renewal by creating new links. Myler and GoedGenoeg [‘Good Enough’] are examples. Myler is a virtual community for self-employed people. Jobs are posted on the platform and freelancers can use it to extend their network. Together with this network, we thought – in co-creation – about what it is exactly that self-employed people really need. This led to the development of the insurance product GoedGenoeg.

Vitura does not limit its activity purely to ‘caring’ or ‘reintegration’ either. We do create new links, so that a solution will arise. Renewal is part of this linking. And in the end this also requires a suitable business model and the right partners. This is the step that Vitura is making now as well.

We are currently investigating cooperation options with a number of parties. SHFT is developing Vitura and works on the realisation of the first Vitura Vitality Centre. SHFT is looking for partners to materialise this concept as a new service. In any case, the support of Achmea brings us one step closer to the realisation of the first Vitura Vitality Centre.

Bert van Helvoirt (