BNR News Radio: What can we learn from nature? - 18/05/2011

Learn from nature

Yesterday I was a guest at the studio of BNR News Radio to contribute to a conversation in a programme called ‘Denktank’ (‘Think Tank’). The central question of the programme was: what can we learn from nature? The discipline of biomimicry or bionica is dealing with this question. Nothing new, in fact: didn’t Leonardo da Vinci study birds hoping to make his desire to fly come true?

Since we are (soon) facing a number of natural barriers, I think it is time for us again to brush up our knowledge of nature and to further develop it. By better understanding nature, we can find solutions to problems such as excessive stress, a lack of sustainable energy or the consequences of climate changes.

Nature is a source of inspiration to us and entrepreneurship is the way to make new solutions available to a large public through products and services. The BNR interview (in Dutch) can be listened to at

If you should be interested in further discussing this subject with us, you can of course contact us.

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