New activity follows different lines - 27/10/2010

The world that we live in is increasingly becoming a large node of relations. A large network of parties who are connected with one other in surprisingly many ways. Everything and every person is somehow linked. Unintentionally we have thus also networked our problems, which has made them very complex. For if everything is linked with everything, you can no longer isolate problems, split them up into soluble parts or by clearing up statements made by influential people. The traditional ways to solve problems do not work anymore. We have seen this in the financial and economic crises, but also in many energy and sustainability issues. A second development is that access to knowledge has become easier than ever before. At this moment the winner is not the one who knows the most, but the one who experiments and learns the fastest. The power no longer lies with the knowledge itself, but with the link between latent knowledge and new knowledge. The speed at which this is happening and the way knowledge is translated into new activity is creating a headstart.

The result of these two developments is that new activity is now developing along different paths than before. Successful results are no longer achieved through a brainstorm with ad hoc ideas, some of which will be selected, but through structured development on the basis of existing knowledge.