Sustainable building to the max! - 04/07/2011

Duurzaam kantoor Van Helvoirt Groenprojecten

After long and thorough preparations, Van Helvoirt Groenprojecten (landscaping projects) finally started with the extension of its own office building. For the realisation of this new office, a Building Team +  was put together. Building Team + was a concept of Wim vam Dijk of Klostermann Nederland BV and is realised in practice in cooperation with Bert van Helvoirt.

The Builing Team + principle is new and offers an innovative process for the realisation of building projects. Building Team + tilts the construction column to a horizontal building process and is unique in doing so, because it leads to a cooperation model instead of a financially controlled model for the realisation of building projects.

In this project, our vision on sustainable building is implemented as much as possible. In the end, the building needs to give insight in the possibilities of building sustainable office buildings.

GPR* calculations show that Van Helvoirt Groenprojecten is realising one of the most sustainable office buildings in the Netherlands. It makes use of solar cells, for example, of heat and cold storage and of Cradle-to-Cradle materials, while sectional building is applied and a halophyte filter is realised on the sloping roof. Besides, we emphatically sought a match with the type of activities of Van Helvoirt Groenprojecten. The loam stove, for example, is fired by green waste matter, as a central meeting point in the building, and urine is separated, so that the struvite thus collected can be used as a fertiliser in the longer term.

A unique project, therefore, since not only the process, but also the sustainable design is very innovative!
More information on the sustainable building of Building Team + (in Dutch) can be found on and You can of course also contact us for more information.


*GPR is an official instrument to stimulate, assist and assess the sustainable construction of buildings.