Vitura Vitality Centre receives contribution for further development - 29/08/2011

Achmea Innovatie wordt kennispartner van Vitura

The ‘Groene Woud’ [‘Green Wood’], located in the triangle of Eindhoven, Tilburg and Den Bosch, is a fertile ground for economic success, says also the Chamber of Commerce. This is why the Chamber supports three entrepreneurs that are carrying out promising projects or initiatives in the Groene Woud by means of an encouragement contribution of € 15,000.

The Vitura Vitality Centre is one of the projects to receive such an encouragement contribution. In granting the subsidy, the Chamber of Commerce based its choice on a number of aspects. The most important requirements were: attention for sustainable entrepreneurship and the linking of networks. In addition, the project needs to generate economic added value for the Groene Woud.

These are requirements that the Vitura Vitality Centre certainly meets. At the moment we are having talks with the owner of a country estate in the Groene Woud about the establishment of the first Vitura Vitality Centre at the estate. It is our intention during the realisation of the centre to cooperate as much as possible with and make as much use as possible of local partners. Moreover, the effect of the Vitura vitality centre will be greater than its primary purpose (treating people with stress-related disorders): in this project, the added value of green will become explicitly clear. This knowledge can be used again in the development of other products and services in a variety of branches. All in all, enough economic opportunities…

In addition to this financial contribution, we will intensively work together with the Chamber of Commerce to share knowledge and connections. We consider this contribution by the Chamber of Commerce as a confirmation: our project has potential and is therefore promising! This contribution is an extra boost for us to ensure that the Vitura Vitality Centre is really going to materialise.

Would you like to know more about the Vitura Vitality Centre, or do you think you could contribute to its realisation? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bert van Helvoirt (