What is our field or work?
We focus on concepts that contribute to a better health by improving the life expectancy and/or the quality of life of the people involved.

What is our added value?

  • We are curious
  • We have wide interests
  • We believe in enterprising people
  • We believe that together, people can achieve more than on their own
  • We dare trust our intuition
  • We are solution-oriented
  • We have a broad scientific basis
  • We have an extensive network
  • We think beyond the beaten track
  • We are enthusiastic
  • We are creative

We also expect this attitude from the people that we are working with.

How can you call us in?
Companies, governments and other organisations can call us in:

  • As a partner, whereby we also invest by making our time and knowledge available. Prior to the partnership we determine how this value is brought in, in exchange for part of the shares or through a different form of participation.
  • As external project leader dealing with innovation, whereby we mobilise and manage an internal innovation team at the client’s. In this case we agree on a fixed price for our input before the team is deployed.
  • As a member of an innovation team at the client’s, whereby we also agree on a fixed price in advance.
  • We take over the concept and further develop it at our own risk.
  • As an adviser on the basis of a fixed daily rate.
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