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Sustainable Construction

Sustainable office

SHFT facilitates and thinks along about the realisation of a new office building for Van Helvoirt Groenprojecten. The vision of SHFT on sustainable construction is incorporated as much as possible in this project. In the end, the building needs to …

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Construction Team +

Building practices of yesterday no longer match with the requirements of tomorrow. In tomorrow’s market, it is the buyer who has the final say. Builders really need to offer added value. In order to achieve this, cooperation with the client …

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Achmea Innovatie wordt kennispartner van Vitura

Nature very much influences our feeling of wellbeing and our health. We have forgotten that, however, and have lost contact with nature. That is why stress has more impact on us and why we cannot quickly recharge ourselves. Scientific research …

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  • SHFT develops new activity and enables dynamic processes to get going between entrepreneurs, government and science, thereby uncovering hidden opportunities. We do not limit ourselves to one sector or one line of business; on the contrary, we focus on the added value of bringing together different disciplines.

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