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Sustainable foundation

One of the most difficult aspects of optimum Cradle-to-Cradle design are building materials. During the preparation we inventorised what materials could be used best for what application. During this inventory, it turned out that there is still a lot of …

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Sustainable building to the max!

Duurzaam kantoor Van Helvoirt Groenprojecten

After long and thorough preparations, Van Helvoirt Groenprojecten (landscaping projects) finally started with the extension of its own office building. For the realisation of this new office, a Building Team +  was put together. Building Team + was a concept …

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  • SHFT develops new activity and enables dynamic processes to get going between entrepreneurs, government and science, thereby uncovering hidden opportunities. We do not limit ourselves to one sector or one line of business; on the contrary, we focus on the added value of bringing together different disciplines.

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