Joris Voeten, concept manager

Joris Voeten

Studied Tropical Forestry at Wageningen University. Worked as tree-technical adviser and after that managed the department of tree-technical advisers at Bomendienst (‘Tree Service’). Has been European Tree Technician since 2006.

Within SHFT he is….
The tree doctor. Specialist in laying out growing-places, setting up efficient tree management and determining the functions of trees in the built environment.

Is enthusiastic about…
Tropical forests, well-growing trees in urban areas, mountain-biking and large-rail railroad models.

In 2015….
I will be flying from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to assist there with the optimum and efficient use of green structures to improve human wellbeing.

Het Stadsbos (Urban Tree Tops), ARCGIS, growing-place layout

Contact details
M: 06-52396042